Randos also has recipies for sausage. Our Good Friend Big Daddy’s allowed us to use his facility to make “Summer Sausage with a 100 pounds of Randos’ Summer Sausage Mix”:

  • 50 pounds Elk and 50 pounds pork
  • 2 quarts garlic water
  • Stuffed into 3 inch casings
  • Cooked to 170 degrees and smoked for 2 Hrs

The “Country Style” has 100 pounds Randos’ “Country Style Mix”:

  • 100 pounds pork
  • 2 quart garlic water
  • Mix and stuff into casings
  • Cold smoked for 2 hrs

Very Simple but, a lot of work, however the reward that you get from the flavor is well worth it.

“Randos Delivers”.