The Herb Box was using Randos for about a month when the Manager asked me if I made a blackening seasoning. and requested samples before I answered. I had made two prior attempts and used old notes to come up with this version of Randos Blacken seasoning. The Herb Box had a blackened steak on the menu, they were using “Paul Purdome” Blacken Redfish Seasoning.

After a week two of the chefs were telling me the Paul Purdome is “shit” compared to the Blacken Randos’.
This was my first attempt to see for myself. I was a kid since the last time I had a fried steak. I could not believe how good this turned out. The carmelization was incredible consireing there is no “sugar” in this miraculous mixture. There was no evidence that it was fried in a cast iron skillet. It was extremely juicy, as you can see on the empty plate. The multiple flavors that your taste buds are experiencing is incredible, I have never found another seasoning as versatile as Randos products, they are all natural, no preservatives, no anti de-caking agents. We have found the highest quality spices that remain consistent.