This is the day that Randy became Rando. I got a Hoyt Bow for Christmas from a friend. My best friend was an above average archer had bagged a three bull elk in three years.

Paul taught me all about archery and how to consistently shoot a bow. We were drawn for elk on the same ticket and  had ten days off of work for the hunt. On the opening day Paul bagged an elk that scored 448 pts. On the 3rd day we decided to hunt the very edge of the rim and Paul scared out this bull and he stopped at the top of a hill 45 yards away, I drew my bow and was shaking so bad I had to tell myself to calm down and released the string and the elk fell down got up and came around and down the hill headed straight for me. When he saw me he turned and made it less than 100 yards. That night my best friend Paul told me I needed a nickname for bagging a large bull with the very first arrow shot at an elk. Later that night after we had all the labor involved done Paul looked at me and said “Rando” that is your nickname.

The seasoning that I was experimenting with we decide to call it “Randos”